Here are some simple habits to get rid of the epidemic

Here are some simple habits to get rid of the epidemic

Due to the rapid re-emergence of the Covid Delta variety across the world, the mortality rate is as high as the number of reported cases on a daily basis. The majority of people who die from covid infection are over 60 years of age. How tragic is it that there are long queues in mortuaries as well as hospital capacity? It is a question of the extent to which the public is compliant with the restrictions imposed on travel and health guidelines. If the epidemic continues unabated and spreads to other parts of the island, many of our loved ones will be separated from us tomorrow.

Therefore, we must be prepared to fight the epidemic at all times, to adhere to healthy habits, to stop unnecessary travel and to fulfil our civic duty and responsibility.

Therefore, let us keep in mind the following habits that are forgotten and put them into action.


* People at risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, respiratory disease as well as lung disease should be extremely careful during this time.

* If you are suffering from any chronic disease, seek medical treatment properly.

* Don’t forget that people who are obese as well as smokers are at high risk for the Covid-19 epidemic.


healthy, nutritious diet
Healthy, Nutritious diet

* Get accustomed to a healthy, nutritious diet.

* Drink as much pure water as you need daily.

* Live an active life away from indifference.

* Get a good night’s sleep.

* No matter how busy or active you are, keep in mind that you want a good rest.

* Get rid of stress. Read a good book. Listen to a beautiful song.

* Make it a daily habit to do simple exercises.

* Avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs. These weaken your body’s immune system. In order to be immune to disease at the last moment, the immune system needs to break free from these addictions.

* Act in accordance with all good health practices as indicated by the health sector. Protect yourself at least before building a country.

This is a very crucial stage we are going through. If we, as citizens, still forget our duties and responsibilities and act as we please, these may be the last days of our lives.

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