”Lambda” the new variety of Covid – 19

''Lambda'' the new variety of Covid – 19

The Lambda, a new variant of the Covid-19, which was officially announced to be the first to be found in Peru, a South American country, has now been reported in about 30 countries, including the United Kingdom. The World Health Organization (WHO)’s classification of the Lambda virus as a “variant of interest” has been receiving worldwide attention.

The virus, which was first reported in August 2020, was renewed after health officials in Peru suspected that the lambda could be a major cause of the high covid death rate reported from Peru.

However, what we need to emphasize here is that in interpreting these data and percentages, only with a good knowledge of the facilities available in each country to diagnose the disease, the percentage of tests performed to diagnose the disease, and the tolerability of that health system, how it affects the world must be predicted.

The Alpha and Delta cultivars currently prevalent belong to the “Variant of Concern” category, in which the Lambda cultivar has filed more severe viral strains than the currently cultivated genus. It has not been identified as something that needs to be done and has only been named as a variant that needs to be studied further.

Since August last year, complete data have not yet been available to predict the overall impact of the lambda strain, which has led to the emergence of patient clusters in some countries and regions. Relevant research is currently underway. Even at a time when it has been decided that further study should be done based on the available information, it is indeed necessary that such a discussion should begin in everywhere.

As such, it is characteristic of a person to be aware of the factors that affect his health and to be interested in finding solutions to them.

The correct face masks we have used so far to beware of the new Covid virus strains, personal distance and frequent hand cleaning are some of the health guides that can protect us from this Lambda strain as well.

Although research is still ongoing into whether different vaccines have the ability to protect us from this new strain, existing information suggests that vaccines can still be relied upon.

Finally, although this species is currently designated by the World Health Organization only as a “species that needs to be further studied”, with the addition of new knowledge in the future, if it is identified as a “species that needs serious attention”, the latest scientific information will be forthcoming. Will arise.

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